Who is or has recovered their health and become a health coach? Are you low carb too?

I am looking to team up with others how have gone low carb, who fast and may even drink ketones? Did you become a health coach? What have your results been?

Hi Dorothy, my wife and I periodically use the Ketogenic Diet to lose some pounds. It isn’t difficult once you’ve done it. We have an excel sheet with the nutrition values of many foods (Calories, grams of fat, protein and net carbs) we weigh our meals and prepare them ourselves. Mainly veggies low in carbs, high in fiber, beef, fish, olive oil, eggs. We combine the low carb with a calorie restriction and in a couple of weeks we are in shape once again. It works. We tried alternate fasting, but it was tough. No we don’t drink ketones, I am not sure that would be a healthy option. The low carb-keto diet generates ketones by itself as it uses up your stored fat.

Nice to connect Austin, I’ve been drinking bio-Identicle Ketones for 2 1/2 years now and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt in my entire life to be honest. I couldn’t achieve the same energy and focus with diet and exercise alone. I took up Olympic lifting Wakesurfing running. With all the diet changes I did see some results but nothing like this. My body was stubborn. My inflammation was high. I was doing all the right things but I couldn’t lose weight.

I have an event coming up hi on Facebook Wednesday at 6:30 pm Pacific With the co-author Of the ”Ketogenic Key” Steve Welch. https://fb.me/e/ggvTDhWSD

I also shared all the sciencee, my discoveries results results over the past seven years while I was healing from breast cancer. I didn’t elimination diet and just kept going to discover what would work?